Any money paid is for time and professional companionship only.

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North West UK

Erotic Analyst, Spanking & Fetish Queen

Mistress  Evie

The darkest passions lie

dormant inside all of us.

Festering, waiting, sweltering and pulsing with our every breath.  It is up to us to awaken, mould and stimulate them.

Mistress Evie  2017

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'A tribute is an acknowledgment of gratitude, admiration and respect' .


Respect and trust is an integral part of any relationship. I, therefore trust that you will show your gratitude in a respectful manner and present your gratuity discreetly, preferable placing it into a sealed envelope prior to your visit.



1 Hour session - Incall  £130 

1 Hour session - Outcall  £150


2 Hour session  - Incall £230

2 Hour session  - Outcall  £250


Extra Hours - Incall & Outcall £100



Extended bondage/confinement:


from £50 per hour


Maid/slave for a day  |  from £350


Shopping trip  |   from £250