Erotic Analyst, Spanking & Fetish Queen

Mistress  Evie

The darkest passions lie

dormant inside all of us.

Festering, waiting, sweltering and pulsing with our every breath.  It is up to us to awaken, mould and stimulate them.

Mistress Evie  2017

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Imagine a place where you can have all your fantasy come true.


You are about to visit the domain and the website of beautiful Lifestyle Manchester Dominatrix Mistress Evie.


I am  an expert in domination, humiliation, BDSM and the treatment of submissive s.  All fetishes catered for to expert levels.  Newbies or experienced submissive's – all welcome to my very private, residential address.


Firm but fair, cruel but empathic - You will not find sex here but the contents are of an adult nature and include bondage, punishment, humiliation, domination etc.


Mistress invites suitable submissive's to call me today


I am fully-versed in all manner of fetish, fantasy, role-play and domination and can tailor your experience allowing you to literally live out your dreams and darkest desires. Don’t be shy, just let me know what you want and then let me take over.




In my presence I will captivate you and you will have no will but will drop at my knees ready to serve and obey.  I am refined in life, I enjoy all the finer things life offers, I adore worship and always welcome to be lavished in gifts. Even the gift of loyalty and trust.


Using my charms, beauty and skills I will  train you to be the ultimate slave. You WILL submit and surrender to my every need and desire and in return I will send you to levels you never knew existed.

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